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Why Was “The Hampton” a Homearama Home Run?

During its two-week showcase event, Cincinnati’s Homearama 2019 featured some of the most incredible homes in the Cincinnati Metro Area. “The Hampton,” J&K Custom Homes’ 6,513-square-foot show home, astounded those who toured it. Following the event, attendees awarded “The Hampton” with multiple first-place honors, including the People’s Choice Award for favorite home.

But why was “The Hampton” such a major success? The key was balance, and attendees took notice. J&K Custom Homes was able to balance features and concepts that are often times opposing forces. Here’s how they achieved that balance.


“The Hampton” features modern design concepts that will stand the test of time. J&K Custom Homes utilized timeless features that have never gone out of style, while maintaining a grasp on present trends.

Some of these modern-yet-timeless features include:

  • Open-concept main level

  • Wood-style floors

  • Outdoor fireplace

  • Brick hearth surrounding an indoor fireplace

  • Natural sunlight throughout the house

  • East Coast shingle-style exterior

Features like these have enticed homeowners for decades. While fast trends come and go, “The Hampton” possesses features that will stand the test of time.


Some houses appear so elegant that they lose the comfortable feeling a home should have. J&K Custom Homes demonstrated astounding balance when it came to elegance; the builders found a way to create a superbly elegant house, while still retaining the comforts of home.

“The Hampton” balances elegance and comfort through features like:

  • A white brick hearth as the center of the living room

  • A front door that leads into a spacious living room

  • Vaulted ceilings that welcome family members and guests into a bright home

  • An upstairs office full of natural light and an antique world map

  • The elegance of its New York namesake destination with the familiarity of home

Homearama voters appreciated the balance, awarding the home with honors like: Favorite Floor Plan, Favorite Kitchen, and Favorite Hearth Room. Awards like these stand as testaments to the welcoming elegance of “The Hampton.”


A home is meant to be lived in. It’s meant to allow a family to function efficiently during busy days and relax during downtime. With “The Hampton,” J&K Custom Homes created a refined style that also served these functional purposes.

Details that showcase this refined functionality include:

  • Wooden ladder in the open pantry

  • Large farmhouse sink

  • Basement home gym

  • Imagination Room for the kids

  • Walk-in closets in most bedrooms

  • Elegant, sturdy countertops

Each feature was designed to serve a busy family lifestyle, and J&K Custom Homes exhibited a perfect blend of style and function.


J&K Custom Homes crafted a home with incredible detail while maintaining elegant simplicity. From detailed construction to thoughtful placement of certain features, “The Hampton” balances a simple aesthetic with detailed care.

“The Hampton” showcases purposeful detail:

  • Sturdy ceiling beams give evidence to the home’s careful construction

  • A three-story stone wall on the staircase subtly connects all three levels

  • The kitchen island features built-in refrigeration

  • A basement bar and home theater provide classy entertainment aesthetics

  • A bunk bed supported by beach wood beams discreetly ties in East Coast ambiance

  • Discrete, dark cabinetry allows the crisp, white counters to pop

With detail focused in the right areas, “The Hampton” astounded Homerama visitors with its simple elegance.

Ultimately, J&K Custom Homes’ ability to balance timeless trends, welcoming elegance, refined functionality, and detailed simplicity led to “The Hampton” earning top honors at Homearama.

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