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Why Choose J&K Custom Homes

“Building a custom home is one of those top experiences in life, and a homeowner has the right to enjoy that process”

– Michelle Moran

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J&K Custom Homes enhance our clients’ quality of life through the homes that we design, build and transform. We do this by designing and building thoughtfully conceived, artfully crafted custom homes that reflect our clients’ dreams, aspirations and values.

We believe that you should have the ability to choose features for your dream home that make it uniquely yours. So we give you guidance and help you through the selection process by partnering with high-quality suppliers that carry and install products that meets your vision and needs.

  • Award-winning designs

  • Concierge home building experience

  • A partner who builds your home with you, not for you

Our Why

We’re a team of expert creative problem solvers who bring new ideas to life through custom home building expertise and collaboration for every new home. We help each of our homeowners experience the satisfaction of seeing their vision come to life. That’s why we push ourselves to explore new possibilities and generate customized solutions. This resourceful approach to how we work allows us to find solutions others can’t.

Our story began when Michelle and her husband built a custom home for her family and recognized a need and opportunity to make the custom building process better for homeowners.

“Building a custom home is very personal,” says Michelle.  “We wanted to gather a group of service-minded professionals – with extensive experience – so we could manage every step of the process and together create a wonderful home and have fun doing it.”

Jim McVicker, Michelle’s father, saw the same opportunity. After several discussions, they decided to set out on the journey together. From there, J&K was born (J&K stands for Jim and Kathleen “Michelle”).

Michelle & Jim Moran  | J&K Custom Homes

Jim McVicker & Michelle Moran -Founders

J&K Custom Homes was formed over 15 years ago for the purpose of creating a reimagined custom home-building experience.  Today, Jim McVicker and Michelle Moran lead the way of one of Cincinnati’s top custom home builders, the recipient of over a dozen awards.

After retiring from over 30 years in the executive corporate finance arena at a Fortune 500 company, Jim has applied his expertise to the management and operational standards of the company we see today.  Michelle has extensive knowledge of the design and construction process and as someone who built her own home, knows how to make the many decisions along the way. Michelle uses her financial and accounting as well as her consulting and project management background to guide new homeowners through the process, on-time and within budget.

Homearama Builder Claims All Peoples' Choice Awards

As one of Cincinnati’s premier luxury home builders, J&K Custom Homes has been recognized and awarded for their exceptional work. With incredible show homes like “The Hampton,” J&K Custom Homes has demonstrated their ability to create luxury homes that find a balance between style and comfort.

First Place People’s Choice Awards – Cincinnati Homearama – 2019

At Cincinnati’s 2019 Homearama, an event which featured some of the area’s premier luxury home builders, J&K Custom Homes claimed top People’s Choice Awards, including Favorite Home.

The People’s Choice Awards are determined solely by people who attended the Homearama event. These attendees toured multiple show homes and determined that J&K Custom Homes’ “The Hampton” deserved first-place honors.

2019 J&K Custom Homes First Place Award Homearama
Jim and Michelle Moran smiling in front of Homearama Awards

“The Hampton,” a 6,515 square-foot custom build, derived its name from its style, modeled after the famous New York beach destination. The home sold for approximately $1.5 million during the event.

J&K Custom Homes partnered with some of the best in the industry to craft an award-winning show home. Kimberly Fox Designs, who served as the interior designer for “The Hampton,” earned top honors for Favorite Decoration. Pinecrest Nursery was awarded a top honor for Favorite Landscaping, and architect Kenneth R. Bowerman’s design earned “The Hampton” a first place People’s Choice Award for Favorite Floorplan.

First Place Peoples' Choice Awards

  • Favorite Home

  • Favorite Decorating

  • Favorite Kitchen

  • Favorite Hearth Room/Breakfast Nook

  • Favorite Study/Office/Library

  • ​Favorite Library

  • Favorite Floor Plan

  • Favorite Exterior

  • Favorite Lower Level

Second Place Peoples' Choice Awards

  • Landscaping

  • Dining Room

  • Master Bedroom Suite

  • Outdoor Living


Clearly, “The Hampton” was a standout at Cincinnati’s Homearama 2019. Investigate the features and strategy that J&K Custom Homes utilized when creating their award-winning show home. Or, take a tour of the luxury home to see the custom quality, luxury, and comfort for yourself.

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