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Cincinnati Remodeling and Renovation

J&K Custom Homes specializes in full custom remodeling and renovation projects throughout Cincinnati.  Ready to update and refresh a space in your home, but need some help pulling together the vision? Our architect team has extensive depth and experience in transforming and expanding spaces to meet the needs of our J&K families as we also collaborate with a wide network of interior designers who can provide ideas, curate finishes, and select products to create a home that truly feels your own. 

J&K Custom Homes knows that you want to enjoy the process of remodeling and renovating your custom home. Through our guided concierge approach, we help you turn your dream into a reality. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision from start to finish, leaving no detail overlooked. We start by defining your project goals and scope. What are your visions for the space? How would you like to use the space differently? Next, we gain an understanding of your budget for the project. Once alignment is achieved with a preliminary estimate, we move into the design phase. This is where your project’s journey begins.

What is your vision for the project and what are your goals? Are you looking to change how your home functions to make life that little bit easier? Is it time to update spaces with new fixtures, different matertials or just some paint? Are you wanting to increase the overall efficiency of your home with today’s latest technology and products? We want to learn more. And most importantly - what is your target budget? Based upon these discussions, we can provide guidance how all of the above align and what we envision the project scope entailing.

Determine Vision & Budget

J&K Team Members Working

Once the project scope is confirmed, you will engage with our collaborative team and we will begin to put pen to paper, designing and detailing all specifications of you project. With final designs, pricing for your project is obtain current market material and labor pricing and a preliminary start date is established.

Engage and Design

J&K Remodeling Project

Let the transformation begin as our J&K team leads you through the selection process. Once all materials for the project have been procured, demolition on-site will begin and a construction timeline will be established for the project to commence.

Move Forward

J&K Home Remodel (Before)

In this stage, we’ll review the project scope and design details making sure we’ve aligned on and captured all the parts of your vision.We’ll review an in-depth presentation of how your project will be constructed, along with total construction costs. Every home renovation is priced with specifications tailored to your project and based on current market material and labor pricing. We’ll formalize our construction partnership with your building contract, then building begins!

Align & Execute

J&K Home Remodel (after)

Working with one of our expert interior designers, you'll begin to make personalized design selections from paint colors to cabinet pulls that will bring your home to life. As construction begins you'll be given an overview of the construction phases and key milestones then we’ll help finalize your home financing details. After construction comes to a close, we’ll hand over the keys so you can enter the front door of your newly custom dream home!

Finalize & Finish

J&K Remodel Interior

The Home Remodeling Partner Cincinnati Trusts

J&K Custom Home Remodeling services encompass a broad range of activities designed to improve and upgrade various aspects of a residential property. These services might include kitchen and bathroom renovations, room additions, basement conversions, and exterior upgrades. 

Reimagine Existing Spaces

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