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Design the Perfect Kitchen

Updated: May 10

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in the entire house. It serves as a place for families and guests to prepare meals and share laughs together. A well-designed kitchen allows you to prepare food, while simultaneously providing guests with ample space to socialize.

Custom Kitchen Design Cincinnati

So, how do you design the perfect kitchen for your custom home? With an efficient layout, sophisticated design, thoughtful lighting, and ample storage, your kitchen can function effectively while maintaining an inviting ambiance for your guests to congregate. J&K Custom Homes gives you the freedom to design your perfect kitchen, supported by top designers to aid in your ideation.


When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, layout is key. You want a layout that allows guests to flow efficiently through the kitchen, while providing plenty of space for cooking and gathering.

When designing your layout, you should consider:

  • Traffic flow: separate prepping station, appetizers, beverage area, etc.

  • Island size: how many guests would you like it to seat?

  • Sink placement: in the island or below a window?

  • Cooktop: in the island or along the perimeter?

  • Cabinet design and color

  • Countertop materials: Granite vs. Quartz?

And layout options don’t stop there. Traditional sculleries and butler’s pantries are becoming increasingly trendy. This provides luxury homeowners with an area to prepare and stage food, keeping clutter out of the kitchen so guests can use it as a natural space to socialize.

Custom Pantry Design

Appliances and Hardware

Appliances serve a dual purpose in a custom kitchen: function and style. The type of appliances in a kitchen, along with the hardware and fixtures you select, can enhance the space’s warmth, sophistication, and utility.

When choosing appliances and hardware, consider:

  • Your preferred cooking methods: natural gas stove, flattop, or double oven?

  • Style and utility of frequently used appliances: refrigerator, sink, stove, etc.

  • What is your preferred color palette?

  • Countertops: material and color matching

  • Cabinet hardware: provide accent to your kitchen’s style

When it comes to appliance and hardware styles, the possibilities are endless. Select items that will perform the essential functions of a kitchen while amplifying your home’s personal style.

Lighting & Aesthetics

A kitchen’s lighting and symmetry can enhance your custom kitchen’s ambiance drastically. Whether its natural lighting through open windows or a well-placed lighting fixture, these seemingly small decisions have major impacts on your kitchen.

White Kitchen - Fully Custom

Questions to consider when determining lighting and aesthetics:

  • Windows: how much natural light do you want?

  • Are you willing to trade upper cabinets for more window space?

  • How will the focal point of the kitchen (typically the hood or cooktop) work with other spaces?

  • How will lighting fixtures play into symmetry?

  • Do you want to incorporate interesting ceiling features?

  • Use of energy efficient lighting

Designing your custom kitchen with the right combination of windows, lighting fixtures, and symmetry can enhance the ambiance of your well-designed kitchen.

Kitchen Storage

Though it might not seem like a luxury kitchen necessity, thoughtfully planned storage spaces can enhance the flow of your kitchen as both a cooking and gathering space.

Modern Kitchen Design

Here are some concepts to consider when determining your storage design:

  • What are your overall storage needs?

  • Which items do you need near certain appliances? (Ex: spice cupboard within reach of the stove.)

  • Would you prefer base shelving as a functional alternative to upper cabinets?

  • Consider the on-trend scullery/large pantry to keep clutter away from gathering space while keeping certain countertop appliances in efficient proximity

A custom home designer, like J&K Custom Homes, can guide you through the benefits and drawbacks of certain storage concepts while maintaining a perfect balance between function and sophistication.

Designing a custom kitchen provides you with ample possibilities to craft an efficient cooking area paired with an inviting gathering space for family members and social events. Have fun with the process of designing your own kitchen, a place where you’ll make memories for years to come.

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