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J&K Custom Homes Builds New Urbanism Homes

Updated: May 10

Envision a community where everything you need exists within walking distance. Neighbors wave to neighbors as they stroll to grocery stores, schools, restaurants, libraries, and shops that coexist alongside an appealing variety of home styles. And the entire community is centered around vibrant common areas.

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If this scene reminds you of Back to the Future or The Truman Show, you’re not far off. The town in the movie is Seaside on route 30A in Florida’s panhandle, a town well-known in architectural circles as an exemplar for the New Urbanism Movement. This idyllic environment has jumped from the big screen into reality through the concept of New Urbanism, an urban design model that prioritizes nearby shops, walkable streets, and lively public spaces.

New Urbanist towns have gained popularity over the past few decades. As experienced generations move into retirement, many homeowners look to simplify their lives in order to focus on connection and convenience. As younger generations build their families, they want to immerse themselves in neighborly communities. New Urbanism provides just that. And this is no mere trend. With its proven capacity to transform lifestyles, this trend is here to stay.

The concept of New Urbanism will be on display this October at 2021 Homearama Lifestyle Edition. J&K Custom Homes along with other top custom home builders will exhibit their designs in Union Village, a lifestyle community centered around the concept of New Urbanism.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this charming lifestyle concept to the Lebanon community”, says Dean Morrissey, Partner with NU Development Partners the group responsible for making Union Village a reality. Dean and his business partner Bob Turner bring 30 years of experience from other notable new urbanism communities including Norton Commons in Louisville, Kentucky and the award-winning community Habersham in South Carolina near Savannah. “Our team selected Union Village in Lebanon to develop this lifestyle community seeing that it had the same chemistry that were instrumental in the popularity of our other new urbanism developments in the southeast”, says Morrissey. “We cannot wait to see the communities reaction at the upcoming HOMEARAMA© Lifestyle Edition event in October!” Look for these key features in Union Village’s community and home design showcase October 2nd – 17th, 2021 near Lebanon, Ohio.


In a New Urbanist design, everything that residents need should fit within walking distance. With homes, shops, and amenities in close proximity, residents can walk wherever they need to go. While these neighborhoods contain on-street parking and subtle garages, lifestyle communities like Union Village prioritize the pedestrian. This limits time in the car, excessive commutes, and traffic jams, leading to an enhanced quality of life.

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Mixed Use

The idea of mixed-use buildings brings shops, offices, and homes into close contact. This enhances the community connection while making walkability much more feasible. Rather than living in a piecemeal area of single-use sprawl that requires excessive driving to leave residential zones, New Urbanism brings businesses and customers closer together.

Variety of Styles

You won’t see cookie-cutter houses in New Urbanist communities. Instead, you’ll find a range of unique housing styles, sizes, and prices that coexist with each other. New Urbanism prides itself on high-quality architecture and carefully planned designs. With a focus on expert craftsmanship, beauty, and comfort, it’s no surprise that luxury home builders like J&K Custom Homes are moving into New Urbanist communities.

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Where suburban sprawl spreads people out, New Urbanism aims to bring people together. Lifestyle communities like Union Village aim to foster a diverse community, where people of different ages, income levels, races, and cultures come together. Waving to your neighbor as you walk to the grocery store is no longer a product of a bygone era; it’s a daily occurrence in these lifestyle communities.

Public Spaces

For centuries, towns and cities revolved around public spaces: parks, plaza, and amphitheaters. New Urbanism brings that concept into the modern era. Aesthetic and functional common areas form the center of New Urbanist communities, allowing for neighbors to gather during community events and spontaneous gatherings.


Since New Urbanist communities are carefully planned, they tend to include an emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly designs. The principle of walkability helps reduce emissions, while innovative home designers hand-craft sustainable buildings. Nature trails and beautiful trees fill these spaces. This urban model has the potential to enhance the environment and the resident’s lifestyle.

Development Plan

Quality of Life

New Urbanism makes everyday lifestyle needs more convenient and accessible. By bringing homes and businesses within walking distance, residents spend less time in their cars, more time outside, and more time interacting with their neighbors. And, with Homearama showstoppers like J&K Custom Homes jumping into New Urbanist design, residents can truly have it all: luxury, community, and an idyllic lifestyle.

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