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Your Burning Building Questions: The New Home Builders FAQ

There’s always an air of excitement around building a new home. You finally have the opportunity to create a space you’ve always dreamed of with all the amenities you’ve always wanted.

But the process also involves many moving parts, leading to questions and concerns from those building their first custom home. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled some of the more commonly asked questions we’ve heard from our clients. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what to expect from working with J&K Custom Homes.

new custom home in cincinnati

How Much Will Everything Cost?

Because each project is highly customized, many factors can impact the cost. We help to mitigate this ambiguity by educating our clients on what can influence these cost changes during a build. We’re also always happy to discuss upgrades or amenities you want to add now or later. 

We can also account for potential pricing volatility by assigning allowances to specific areas. This enables us and our clients to adjust for unexpected shifts in material costs.

How Flexible Will the Floor Plan Be?

Some home builders might have constraints for their clients, only offering what they can within set parameters. However, we believe it’s up to our team to rise to the occasion and provide as much flexibility as needed.

There’s no limit to your dreams, so there shouldn't be a limit to your dream home. We honor flexibility and want you to have creative control over what goes in your custom home. We’ll also help smooth out any edges in design with our professional eye for detail and ensure that your home is beautiful, functional, and safe — exactly the way you want it.

Do You Have a Portfolio of Your Work?

If you’re interested in a new, custom home, you know a picture is worth a thousand words. You want to see what a building company is capable of before you entrust them with such a massive undertaking.

At J&K Custom Homes, we frequently update our portfolio with showstopping and jaw-dropping projects. We encourage anyone interested to review our portfolio for inspiration. It’s a great example of what we’re capable of as a building company and what your end result could look like when you work with us!

What Does Communication Look Like?

Part of the fear of entrusting something like a custom home to someone else is the concern that you’ll be left in the dark. There are too many horror stories of contractors ignoring client requests or not informing them of new and necessary changes to the project.

Thanks to improved communication systems, J&K Custom Homes is here to stop such practices. Each of our clients has access to an online platform that conveniently details updates and changes regarding their project. We’ll always work hard to keep you in the loop, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the project—no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. It’s your home, and we want you to love where you live!

What Is the Timeline for a Project?

Much like pricing, a project’s timeline can fluctuate heavily based on various factors, especially to ensure that each aspect of the design and architecture is to your liking. This necessary time we spend evaluating decisions and a client's requirements prevents us from spending too much time or money making adjustments during the building process.

Our team will always be open and honest about timelines and potential delays. While we’ll do our best to stay on track and work as efficiently as possible, obstacles beyond our control can always occur because of a lack of available materials or client-requested change orders. We’ve found that the best way to handle these concerns is to find an effective way forward with the client, establishing a solution that works for everyone. This way, even if unexpected variables impact a project’s timeline, all parties are made aware and consulted accordingly, allowing us to reach a solution that works for everyone and maintain a satisfactory timeline wherever possible.

A Customized Experience and a Home of a Lifetime

We’re proud to be Ohio's premier, trusted custom luxury home builders. If you’re considering going custom for your home building project, partner with a reliable team that keeps things fresh, like J&K Custom Homes. Reach out to us today to learn more about our home-building services!

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