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The Top Custom Home Trends of 2024

The 2024 International Builders’ Show presents an impressive array of new and upcoming designs. Architects and interior designers covet the opportunity to scour the talent to see what’s on trend and showcase their creative concepts to other industry professionals.

The J&K team had the distinct pleasure of attending this year’s show in Las Vegas, and we were floored by what we saw — over 100,000 builders and trades presented everything from seminars to exhibits. It was inspiring and enlightening, and we’re here to share with you what we gleaned from the show about 2024 home trends.

J&K Custom Homes Team Photo at the 2024 Builder Show

Overall Design Trends

Going big and bold is the new norm, with many exhibits presenting eye-popping elements to add visual intrigue. Bold is an all-encompassing concept — it doesn’t mean a bright color or a fun texture. It means anything within a space that makes a big or exaggerated statement, and we think that’s an exciting trajectory for upcoming home trends!

2024 IBS Show - Bold Color Bathroom Tub

Adding a natural touch to a home’s interior isn’t just specific to more practical design elements. It’s also all the rage for those who want to add a splash of modern color. Earthen greens and browns are popping up everywhere and on everything, but finding a comfortable niche in windows, doors, and trim. They’re neutral enough for homeowners to still get creative with the colors in their design aesthetic.

Most designers would agree that their clients dictate trends just as much as desired aesthetics do. More clients want to incorporate mid-century modern elements and barntecture in their homes in new and exciting ways. Another addition to the conversation is how designers can emphasize light with glass entryways.

Interior Trends

People are getting more into carving out space for their passions or desires, and design is following suit. Many designers and architects emphasized the need for specialty rooms or spaces unique to the client and what they want to do with the space. 

This could be anything from an at-home meditation room to an art studio. Whatever the case, it’s vital that the designers have the expertise to work with the client on such a specialized project to ensure their needs are met.

Another popular interior design trend we noticed was how curves and fluting were popping up. Some design elements would incorporate them together, but even separately, these trends can completely transform a room. You could go dramatic and use a different color fluting for an accent wall or do something more subdued with a neutral-tone fluted wall.

2024 IBS Show - Curved Counter Top - Home Trends

Open concept is nowhere near a new concept at this point in interior design, but its resurgence in 2024 was palpable at the trade show! This time, designers are improving the idea of an open concept space with more definition, bringing fresh, exciting details to help revitalize the trend and keep it current.

New Kitchen Trends - 2024 - IBS SHOW

Exterior Trends

Homeowners everywhere want to spend more time outside, even if their climate doesn’t agree with it. The 2024 trade show had solutions to this in spades, with many outdoor living spaces that open up the yard or landscape to become more than just a wide open area to feature a bed of flowers. 

These exhibits featured everything from outdoor kitchens with mini garage doors to covered patios that make the backyard like an extension of the home rather than something separate.

Playing with elevation and innovative divider walls are also on trend for 2024. Gone are the days when texture and design intrigue had to be on a 2D field. Many designers are experimenting with ways to use elevation, especially with exterior spaces. It’s a fantastic way to make a space feel more organic and interesting by simply putting something on a different level. 

Using elevation to your advantage is also an excellent way to add some excitement without sacrificing your desire for a more minimalist look. 

Courtyards, foyers, and anything that helped the landscape embrace more natural light were also very prominently featured at the trade show. But probably the most exciting was the addition of vintage accents and warm tones — it’s a departure from some of the colder, more stylized concepts we’ve seen with modern exterior design, and it’s exciting to see how vintage and contemporary can live together in harmony!

2024 Builder Show Las Vegas - Tile Trend

Keep Current With a Fresh Perspective

If you aren’t working with builders who keep up with trends, you’re doing yourself a disservice. J&K Custom Homes is always on the cutting edge of what’s new in the design world, and we’d like to help you incorporate these trends with your aesthetic to create something truly unique to you.

J&K Custom Homes Team - IBS SHOW 2024

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