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Now Is the Ideal Time to Build a Custom Home

Updated: May 10

In 2020, many homeowners found themselves spending much more time at home than they ever anticipated. The kitchen became the home office. The living room doubled as the home gym. The back patio served as the local restaurant.

Floor Plan

Now, as the world gradually returns to a sense of familiarity, the home remains a place intended for all facets of life. Trends indicate that we may continue to spend more time at home moving forward. Here’s why now might be the perfect time to design your own custom home tailored to your lifestyle.

Capitalize on Low Interest Rates

Interest rates have dropped significantly since the beginning of the pandemic and have remained comparatively low. Many indicators predict that this trend will continue moving through the year. Low interest rates (paired with a strong stock market) could lessen the financial impact of building a custom luxury home, but that opportunity won’t last forever.

Create a Custom Home Office

Many companies plan to implement work-from-home models, even in a post-pandemic environment, making the home office a crucial ingredient for career success. When designing your custom home, you have the ability to create the ideal home office setup. Consider a home office that promotes workflow efficiency, reduces noise, minimizes interruptions, and looks good on video calls.

Luxury Den

Specify Spaces for Family Members

As families spend more time together in their homes, it’s important for the kids to have their own spaces to play. By building a custom home that fits your lifestyle, you can design a specific area that’s just for the kids, no matter their ages and interests, giving everyone their own space.

Enjoy In-Home Entertainment

With movie theaters and entertainment areas closed during most of 2020, many families found themselves craving in-home entertainment. As you design your custom home, you have the potential to design your own in-home entertain areas, tailored to your interests. Design a luxury movie theater in your basement. Create a billiards room near your study. Build an indoor putting green. Let your imagination carry you away as you create your own in-home entertainment.

Entertain with Outdoor Living

There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful day outside with friends and family in a custom outdoor living space. Since the concept of at-home gathering will stay with us moving forward, now is the time to design the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Include an outdoor kitchen for socializing while preparing food, or an outdoor fireplace to enjoy the evening ambiance in comfort. Regardless of your style, your custom outdoor living space will ensure that you build lasting memories.

Outdoor Custom Home

Design a Kitchen for Social Gatherings

The kitchen is the busiest place in the house, especially during social gatherings. When designing your custom home, assume that the trend of in-house congregation will increase. Design a kitchen layout that allows guests to flow through the room efficiently, while providing plenty of space for cooking and gathering. Customize your kitchen to fit your lifestyle and make it the trendiest spot in town.

Stay Healthy with a Home Gym

As many gyms and exercise class facilities closed during the pandemic, many homeowners crafted makeshift home workout spaces to maintain physical fitness. Through this process, people found that exercising at home was incredibly convenient (no need to drive anywhere or wait for a specific class to begin). This created a desire to design custom in-home workout spaces. When designing your luxury home, design a custom home gym tailored to your exercise style and enhance the convenience and efficiency of your workout routine.

Workout Room

Now, more than ever, homeowners are benefiting from building their own luxury homes. As some pandemic trends become normalized, tailor your custom home to your lifestyle and enhance the joy that your home brings to your life. Start the conversation with J&K Custom Homes today and begin the process of building your dream home.

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