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Organize Ideas for Your Dream Home

Updated: May 10

After deciding to build a custom home, your imagination runs wild with ideas. You begin to find creative concepts everywhere you look. And, with so many avenues, apps, and websites to gather inspiration, it can become overwhelming to organize your favorite concepts in one place.

Custom Floor Plan

Luckily, there are plenty of programs, websites, and apps that allow you to save your ideas in one organized space. With a little categorizing, you can show your curated inspiration to your builder, providing them with sufficient foundations to craft your custom dream home.

Here are a few resources to cultivate inspiration and facilitate organization in the process.

This new resource allows users to curate their own feeds through individualized collections. To begin, use keywords and identify topics that interest you. Soon, your Mix feed will populate with potentially relevant articles, images, and resources that will provide plenty of inspiration for your custom home.

How to use Mix to organize your ideas:

  • Input keywords and topics that generate relevant posts

  • Save inspirational posts to your collections

  • Organize each saved post into collection categories (bathrooms, interior, landscaping, etc.)

  • Save websites outside of Mix to your Mix collections (add the Mix extension first)

  • Share individual collection links with your builder

Here are some websites and inspirational pages that you could send to your Mix collections immediately:

  • Studio McGee

  • J&K Custom Homes – Interiors

This visual resource allows users to search through each room of the house to find inspiration without having to sift through much extra website clutter. With its sleek website design, you’ll enjoy the process of browsing its content for inspiration.

Home Moodboard

How to use Dwell to organize your ideas:

  • Browse through various photo categories (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

  • Save photos that match your desired custom home style

  • Organize photos into themed collections

  • Send individual collection links to builder

Here a few Dwell filters to get you started:

  • Living Room

  • Kids Room

  • Kitchen

With all of the excitement that comes with building a custom home, you’ll want to collect all of your ideas and research in one organized place to show your builder so they can create your dream home according to your vision. No matter what platform or resource you decide to go with, enjoy the process of finding creative inspiration.

Pinterest Ideas

This classic visual app has become a staple for the custom design community in the last decade. With billions of “Pins” to serve as visual inspiration, your ideas will just keep flowing.

How to use Pinterest boards to organize your ideas:

  • Save inspirational images to a custom board

  • Organize each board according to theme (kitchen, bathroom, home theater, etc.)

  • Curate each board to reflect your desired style

  • Share individual Pinterest board links with your builder

Here are a few examples of how you can organize your Pinterest boards:

  • Amy Storm and Company

  • Home and Design

  • Home Adore

As another visual medium for inspiration, Instagram allows you to scroll through photos of accounts and hashtags that you choose to follow. By selecting accounts that focus on design concepts, you can quickly build a feed full of inspiration for your custom luxury home.

How to use Instagram collections to organize your ideas:

  • Save photos that reflect your desired style

  • Organize each saved photo into a collection

  • Title each collection according to theme (home gym, living room, etc.)

  • Show collections to builder in person or through screenshots (Instagram doesn’t allow digital collection sharing at this point)

Take a look at some of these design accounts to begin your Instagram inspiration:

  • Home and Design

  • Home Adore

  • Decoholic

This resource allows you to browse for inspiration with predetermined categories to start your research. Once you move past the busy home page, you’ll find helpful search categories and filters to refine ideas for your custom home.

How to use Houzz to organize your ideas:

  • Explore the “Browse Ideas by Room” section (bathroom, home office, etc.)

  • Explore the “Browse Photos by Style” section (farmhouse, Mediterranean, etc.)

  • Save photos to ideabook collections

  • Title ideabooks by theme (bedroom, living room, etc.)

  • Add builder as a collaborator on individual ideabooks to share your concepts

Here are a few starting points to ease you into the Houzz resource:

  • Kitchens

  • Modern Home Office

  • Farmhouse Outdoor Living

go with, enjoy the process of finding creative inspiration.

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