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Our Process for Building Your Custom Home

Our mission is to enhance our clients’ quality of life through the homes that we design, build and transform. We do this by designing and building thoughtfully conceived, artfully crafted custom homes that reflect our clients’ dreams, aspirations and values. Our homeowners are active participants in that process, where they are supported by our design team to take their vision into a home that is customized for how they live.

Nearly 20 years ago it was a “less than ideal” building process which led to the creation of J&K Custom Homes, purpose-built to provide a concierge-level custom building experience that found the perfect balance of maintaining control of our homeowners vision backed by a team of best-in-class experts to guide the process. Our homeowners deserve to enjoy the process of building their dream home, which is why we crafted our DREAM™ process. Dream Review Engage Align Move

Share Your Vision

Since J&K Custom Homes is creating your dream home, the first step in the process involves sharing your dream. Through guided questions and discussions, we work with you to figure out what your perfect luxury home looks like, from interior design to in-home movie theaters to outdoor entertainment areas. You share your ideal lot location with us, whether that’s a lot that you already own, or a lot that you want us to help you find. We also talk through a budget estimate, along with the available financial options and processes that might work best for you.

Refine Your Vision

This phase narrows the focus from big picture concepts to specific details. We continue to revisit your ideas for your dream home, making sure that your vision aligns with our plans while we move through drafts of the design process. Our experts work with you to finalize your luxury home’s location. Financially, we start to discuss a general cost estimate, which allows you to plan your budget and determine where you want to emphasize your investment in your dream home.

Start the Design Process

Now that we’ve finalized and secured your lot, we can begin to design what the home itself is actually going to look like. Our architects put pen to paper and transform your vision into a workable blueprint. With each draft, we make sure that the blueprints align with your vision. Since we have a general cost estimation in place, we can discuss your allowances: how much money you can budget for certain pieces of the interior and exterior designs. That way, you can start focusing on the aesthetic details.

Finalize the Design

With a final draft of the blueprints in hand, we ensure that we have captured your vision properly. We present home buyers with an in-depth look at blueprints, final pricing, allowances, and construction timelines. After we finalize our plan with you, our construction team can start to build your custom dream home.

Begin Construction

We break ground. As the physical house starts to take shape, you consult with our interior designers, who help you make personalized selections that will bring your custom dream home to life. We also guide you through the process of finalizing your home’s financing details. As construction continues, we maintain consistent communication with you, keeping you up-to-date on key phases and milestones in your custom home’s building process.

Move In

Once construction on your home is finished, we design the interior to fit your exact specifications and individual style. Then, you get the keys and experience the reward: your perfect home. Building your own luxury home is an exciting decision and a fun process to engage in, especially when it’s guided by experts in the field. Contact J&K Custom Homes to discuss the process of turning your dream into a reality.

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